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NOTICE: SPA will not be changing our criteria for the classification of teams for 2013.
Official SPA classification listing shown below, has been reviewed by the SPA Classification Committee only for teams registered with SPA in 2011 or 2012.

Teams not registered with SPA are not listed:

Rosters Available for Highlighted Teams Only - Click "Roster" by Team Name to View

 AgeTeam NameStateYearClassClass Date
35AftershockMO2015 W-AAA  N
Roster35Arkansas JWPAR2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster35Arkansas SynergyAR2014 W-M  Y
Roster35Last Call 35PA2014 W-AAA 07/17/2014Y
Roster35Prime Time Ladies SoftballTN2014 W-AAA 05/28/2013Y
Roster40Chicks With SticksTN2015 W-AAA  Y
Roster40Hits and GigglesTN2013 W-M  Y
Roster40Jane of all TradesPA2013 W-M 07/30/2013Y
Roster40KryptoniteFL2015 W-M 01/02/2014Y
Roster40Ladies FirstMD2015 W-M 9/16/2014Y
Roster40Pay It ForwardFL2014 W-AAA 05/30/2014Y
40The StormGA2014 W-AAA 04/07/2014N
Roster40TM ForceFL2014 W-AAA  Y
40X Treme HeatSC2015 W-AAA  N
45Diamond DogsOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
Roster45Pensacola Senior LadiesFL2014 W-AAA  Y
45Prime TimeOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
502nd WindOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
Roster502nd Windm 50 Touch of GrayOK2013 M-M 04/20/2011Y
5050 Caliber St LouisMO2015 M-AAA 6/4/2009N
Roster50ABS GraphicsTX2014 M-AAA 4/16/2013Y
Roster50Adiktiv MerchantsAL2015 M-MP  Y
Roster50Adiktive SportsGA2014 M-MP 12/18/2013Y
Roster50Affinity ElevatorFL2015 M-M 9/23/2014Y
Roster50Alabama Brick CompanyAL2015 M-M 04/22/2014Y
50All Class Construction, LLC./J. Culver Construction Co., Inc.DE2014 M-M 04/22/2014N
Roster50All Secure FL2014 M-AAA 08/01/2014Y
Roster50American Metal Recycling KMBOH2013 M-MP 07/06/2010Y
50AngelsOK2014 M-AAA 4/20/2011N
Roster50Atlanta Monarchs Miken 50sGA2015 M-M 08/19/2013Y
Roster50Austin RockTX2014 M-M 05/08/2012Y
Roster50Big Ten SoftballIL2015 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster50Bluegrass SoftballKY2015 M-AAA 03/25/2014Y
Roster50Bomani Sports ResearchOH2014 M-AAA 05/28/2014Y
Roster50BorromeosKY2014 M-AAA 06/20/2014Y
Roster50Brickyard SoftballIN2014 M-AAA 03/15/2010Y
Roster50Buckeye ClassicsOH2014 M-AAA 06/25/2013Y
Roster50BullettsTX2014 M-M 3/25/2014Y
Roster50Capp SteelOH2015 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster50Chesterfield ClassicsVA2014 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
Roster50Circle City PlaymakersIN2014 M-AAA 04/03/2014Y
Roster50CobaltOK2015 M-AAA 02/10/2014Y
50Computer TimeOH2014 M-AAA 05/30/2014N
Roster50CPOA ClevelandOH2013 M-M 04/16/2013Y
Roster50CPOA Cleveland/Northern Ohio PrintingOH2014 M-M 07/11/2014Y
Roster50Cross Cut Freedom RanchFL2014 M-AAA 5/23/2014Y
Roster50Dayton Legends HitmenOH2014 M-M 10/14/2014Y
Roster50DLB Softball EastonWI2014 M-MP 06/30/2014Y
Roster50Doc CsFL2015 M-M 08/07/2013Y
Roster50DreamgirlzVA2015 W-M  Y
Roster50Durham Silver StixCN2014 M-AAA 05/08/2013Y
Roster50Elite 50LA2015 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster50Floors to Go Raymond JonesIN2013 M-AA 02/04/2013Y
50Florida Automated ShadeFL2014 M-M 5/22/2014N
Roster50Flytime SeniorsMI2014 M-AAA 05/23/2014Y
Roster50Gem City SoftballOH2014 M-M 02/10/2014Y
50Gills DetailNC2014 M-AAA 04/22/2014N
Roster50Golden Girls 50VA2014 W-M  Y
Roster50Good TimesFL2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster50Goodman Tri County TitlesVA2014 M-AAA 03/13/2014Y
Roster50Herrington ServicesMS2014 M-M 03/03/2014Y
Roster50High St BucsMD2013 M-M 04/11/2013Y
Roster50Hollis AppraisalsFL2013 M-MP 04/11/2012Y
Roster50HPO Softball Club Wing HouseFL2014 M-AAA 05/15/2014Y
Roster50ibalz SoftballGA2014 M-AAA 05/27/2014Y
Roster50J & J SportsIA2013 M-M 06/28/2013Y
50JERRYS SELECT 50FL2014 M-AAA 05/21/2014N
Roster50JJFinancial EaglesMI2015 M-AAA 05/23/2014Y
Roster50Jolico Senior 50sMI2015 W-M  Y
Roster50Kansas City BaronsMO2013 M-M 02/09/2012Y
Roster50Krystal BallersTN2013 M-M  Y
Roster50Krystal Ballers IITN2013 M-M  Y
Roster50LA SportsLA2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster50Lady LookoutsTN2014 W-M 6/16/2014Y
Roster50Lake Charles LakersLA2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster50LeessmothiesIN2015 M-M 01/15/2015Y
Roster50Lighthouse LookoutsTN2015 M-M 1/7/2014Y
Roster50Major League MikenGA2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster50McCauley ServicesAR2014 M-AAA 04/21/2014Y
50Memphis 50sTN2014 M-AAA 04/18/2014N
Roster50Michells Boyz Stansell Demo American LubsOH2013 M-M 11/29/2013Y
Roster50Mid AtlanticVA2014 M-MP 07/08/2014Y
Roster50Mid-Atlantic SoftballVA2014 M-M 07/03/2014Y
Roster50Mixed BreedTX2015 M-AAA 02/10/2014Y
Roster50Monster SoftballTN2014 M-M 06/28/2012Y
Roster50Montgomery SwarmAL2015 M-M 12/04/2012Y
Roster50Motown MagicMI2015 W-M 08/08/2013Y
Roster50Neway Hendricks SportsTX2013 M-M 04/18/2013Y
Roster50NorTexTX2014 M-MP 4/23/2014Y
Roster50North Georgia OutlawsGA2015 M-AAA 03/31/2014Y
Roster50Northeast Storm Softball Team CombatNY2014 M-M 04/30/2012Y
50OK PiratesOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
Roster50OKIIN2013 M-MP 04/11/2012Y
50OklahomaOK2014 M-M 2/27/2014N
Roster50Oklahoma RhinoOK2014 M-AAA 06/03/2013Y
Roster50Old Corps ClassicVA2014 M-AAA 01/27/2014Y
Roster50OP ConstructionLA2015 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster50Panhandle 50sFL2015 M-AAA 09/29/2014Y
Roster50PDCMI2014 M-AAA 05/22/2014Y
Roster50Phenomenal LadiesVA2014 W-M  Y
Roster50Phoenix Tube over 50NJ2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster50Rated AthleticsCA2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
50Rescue Heat AirOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
Roster50Roadhouse BluesPA2014 M-AAA 04/09/2014Y
Roster50Rochester 50s Bob Johnsons ChevNY2014 M-M 04/02/2013Y
Roster50Rockin RibbiesFL2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster50Sassy SeniorsSC2015 W-AAA  Y
Roster50Scrap Iron /Rocky Mountain ThunderCO2013 M-M 06/05/2012Y
Roster50Scrap Iron Rocky Mountain ThunderCO2014 M-M 02/13/2014Y
Roster50Serious FunTN2015 W-M  Y
Roster50Sho Me 50sMO2015 W-AAA 03/04/2014Y
Roster50Southern HurricanesMS2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster50Steve Levin Financial 50sFL2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster50Still SwingingNC2014 M-AAA 03/25/2014Y
Roster50Sunny BeachesFL2015 W-M  Y
Roster50Sylvania 50s Sylvania Eagles Softball IIOH2014 M-AAA 05/30/2013Y
Roster50T Connection TN2014 M-AAA 01/14/2014Y
Roster50Team 1 SportsFL2014 M-MP 07/03/2012Y
Roster50Team ArkansasAR2015 M-M 02/18/2014Y
Roster50Team Arkansas IIAR2013 M-M  Y
Roster50Team Elite CC MikenMD2014 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster50Team KC OutlawsMO2014 M-M 5/14/2014Y
Roster50Team OhioOH2013 M-M 04/16/2013Y
Roster50Team USA IIMD2013 M-M 06/28/2013Y
Roster50Tennessee CometsTN2014 M-AAA 8/1/2014Y
Roster50Tennessee Stars 50TN2014 W-M  Y
50Texas EliteTX2014 M-AAA 05/29/2014N
Roster50Texas Elite Bushs ChickenTX2014 M-AAA 02/06/2013Y
Roster50Texas MavericksTX2014 M-M 03/10/2014Y
Roster50Texas PlayersTX2015 M-MP 3/4/2014Y
50The Grey GeeseFL2014 M-AAA 01/14/2014N
Roster50The PlayersFL2015 W-AAA 07/09/2014Y
Roster50TSC Tri State ConnectionsGA2014 M-MP 07/12/2013Y
Roster50VFW Bar Alexandria KyKY2014 M-AAA 08/18/2014Y
Roster50Windsor FogCN2014 M-AAA 02/04/2013Y
Roster50Wood LawTX2013 M-MP 11/29/2013Y
Roster5555 Levin FL2014 M-M 02/26/2014Y
Roster55AmericomPA2014 M-M 03/25/2014Y
Roster55Angus Barn PCINC2014 M-AAA 02/05/2014Y
Roster55Antique Road ShowIN2015 M-AAA 05/20/2010Y
Roster55Atlanta Recycling Solutions LLCGA2014 M-AAA 08/07/2013Y
Roster55Bama Old GuysAL2015 M-AAA 09/09/2014Y
Roster55Banker & Mann Softball ClubIN2014 M-AAA 01/20/2014Y
Roster55BSN DeClaire PMBOH2014 M-AAA 05/13/2014Y
Roster55By Grace RedeemedTN2015 M-AAA 05/20/2013Y
Roster55California Spirit 55CA2013 W-M  Y
Roster55Central Illinois ChiefsIL2015 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster55COLUMBUS 55sGA2014 M-AAA 05/23/2013Y
Roster55COMBAT/NEXT LEVELNC2015 M-MP 1/12/2015Y
Roster55Connecticut Sports PlexNJ2013 M-MP 3/24/2009Y
Roster55Crystal Pharmacy IIGA2013 M-M  Y
Roster55Dallas Spurs 55TX2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster55David Bowen Sporting GoodsFL2015 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster55Dayton Legends 55OH2014 M-AAA 07/26/2011Y
Roster55Dixie SoftballAL2014 M-AAA 06/18/2013Y
Roster55DocsOH2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster55DT ExpressTN2015 M-AAA 5/20/2014Y
Roster55Edge 55sTN2014 M-M 05/12/2014Y
55Fat NancysNY2014 M-AAA 07/22/2014N
Roster55Fat Nancys GubiottiNY2013 M-M 04/11/2012Y
Roster55Florida LightningFL2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster55Georgia Alabama Seniors GAS SoftballGA2015 M-AAA 02/24/2014Y
Roster55Golden VipersMI2014 M-AAA 08/01/2012Y
Roster55Gonzalez Insulation 55TX2014 M-M 02/19/2014Y
Roster55Gonzalez Insulation IITX2013 M-M 04/18/2013Y
Roster55Goodman RacingWA2013 M-MP 11/29/2013Y
Roster55Green HornetsFL2015 M-AAA 04/29/2014Y
55Griffith Brothers SoftballNY2015 M-AAA 12/29/2014N
Roster55Harford County LVMD2014 M-AAA 04/07/2014Y
Roster55Hendricks Sports ManagementTX2013 M-MP 06/27/2012Y
Roster55High St. Bucs 55MD2013 M-M 12/29/2010Y
Roster55Houston Fire 55TX2014 M-AAA 03/11/2014Y
Roster55J J SportsIA2014 M-M 04/17/2014Y
Roster55James R Smith TruckingAL2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster55Jerrys Select 55FL2015 M-AAA 09/11/2014Y
Roster55Jolico Seniors 55sMI2015 W-M  Y
Roster55Louisville OGsKY2014 M-AAA 10/07/2009Y
Roster55Maryland RoadrunnersMD2015 W-M  Y
Roster55Monster Softball IITN2013 M-M 02/18/2013Y
Roster55Motown StarsMI2014 M-MP 07/09/2014Y
Roster55MudcatsOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014Y
Roster55MWCKS2014 M-M 06/28/2012Y
Roster55Nor eastersCT2015 W-AAA 5 /29/2014Y
Roster55Old Style/Windy CityIL2013 M-M 05/22/2013Y
Roster55Omega IT Services LLCMD2014 M-MP 12/04/2012Y
55OutlawsOK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
Roster55Pensacola 55FL2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster55Pill & PillWV2013 M-M 06/14/2011Y
55Reco NebraskaNE2014 M-AAA 02/17/2014N
55River Room Poker ClubOH2014 M-AAA 05/12/2014N
Roster55San Antonio 55 Softball ClubTX2015 M-M 07/02/2014Y
Roster55Scrap Iron - rocky Mountain ThunderCO2014 M-M 05/27/2014Y
Roster55Sho Me 55MO2015 W-AAA 03/04/2014Y
Roster55Six PackKY2014 M-AAA 03/19/2012Y
Roster55Snyders LanceFL2014 M-M 5/12/2014Y
Roster55Southern Elite SoftballGA2015 M-M 10/10/2014Y
Roster55Sunny Beaches 55FL2015 W-M 3/18/2014Y
Roster55Sweet Construction 55NJ2015 M-M 05/05/2011Y
Roster55The OutsidersFL2014 W-AAA 08/04/2014Y
Roster55The Starboard OTSDE2014 M-AAA 02/26/2014Y
Roster55Triangle MastersNC2014 M-M 06/14/2011Y
Roster55Wholesale Builders SupplyPA2013 M-M 02/28/2013Y
Roster55Whos On First IIMD2013 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster55WhyNotsNC2014 W-AAA 08/21/2014Y
Roster55Windsor Chiefs 55sCN2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster60Allshred Svcs Pacesetter PropOH2015 M-AAA 03/11/2013Y
Roster60American Scaffolding Viox Serv Miami Lakes SprtsOH2014 M-AAA 03/06/2014Y
Roster60Atlanta Recycling 60sGA2015 M-AAA 01/03/2014Y
60Austin WizardsTX2015 M-AAA 01/28/2015N
Roster60Boys of SummerTN2015 M-AAA 08/25/2013Y
Roster60Brantford Nissan Seniors 60CN2014 M-AA 6/20/2014Y
Roster60Brickyard ClassicsIN2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster60By Grace Redeemed 60TN2015 M-AA 11/21/2014Y
Roster60Cardiac KidsFL2014 M-AAA 8/12/2014Y
Roster60Carrs ShellCN2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster60Cavco SportsCN2014 M-AAA 10/9/2014Y
Roster60Charlotte Senior Sports 60sNC2013 M-AA 4/8/2014Y
60Chicago Classics BobcatsIL2015 M-AAA 01/20/2015N
Roster60Chicago Prime 60sIL2015 M-AAA  Y
60Coastal VirginiaVA2014 M-AAA 05/02/2014N
Roster60Columbus LXAL2015 M-AAA 9/30/2014Y
Roster60Cross Cut Enviromental Yard DogsFL2014 M-MP 5/22/2014Y
Roster60Crystal CobrasNC2014 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster60Crystal PharmacyGA2014 M-MP 4/3/2014Y
Roster60Dallas SpursTX2014 M-AA 5/2/2014Y
Roster60Dayton LegendsOH2014 M-AAA 06/05/2013Y
Roster60Dayton Legends 60s Diamond DawgsOH2014 M-AA 3/25/2014Y
Roster60Edge SoftballTN2014 M-M 5/12/2014Y
Roster60Elite 60sGA2014 M-M 10/9/2014Y
60Flex Strut OH 60OH2015 M-AAA 11/04/2014N
Roster60Flip Dow Bonding 60sNC2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster60Fun BunchMO2014 W-M  Y
60Fusion Softball Women SixtyCA2015 W-M  N
Roster60Golden Girls 60VA2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster60Golden VipersMI2014 M-AAA 03/07/2014Y
Roster60Gonzalez Insulation 60TX2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster60Hamel Builders 60MD2015 M-AAA 07/09/2013Y
Roster60Hawks Nest 60sPA2013 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster60High St. Bucs 60MD2014 M-M 06/25/2013Y
Roster60Hollis Appraisals 60FL2014 M-MP 04/11/2012Y
Roster60Houston Fire 60TX2015 M-AAA 04/30/2013Y
Roster60Indiana LegendsIN2013 M-M 12/04/2012Y
Roster60Indy FogIN2014 M-AA 3/24/2009Y
Roster60JakMax/TimeoutVA2013 M-M 02/25/2013Y
Roster60Jersey Masters 60NJ2014 M-AAA 03/17/2011Y
Roster60Jersey MetroNJ2013 M-MP 05/09/2012Y
Roster60Jolico SeniorsMI2015 W-M  Y
Roster60KC KidsKS2014 M-M 03/12/2010Y
Roster60KC ThunderMO2014 M-AAA 08/09/2013Y
Roster60Linedrive Salsa BombersMI2013 M-MP 05/20/2013Y
Roster60Louisville OgsKY2014 M-AAA 04/28/2014Y
Roster60Maumee Bay RaptorsOH2014 M-AAA 12/30/2013Y
Roster60MB FlyingOK2014 M-AAA 04/23/2012Y
Roster60Minnesota Masters WhiteMN2014 M-MP 03/11/2013Y
Roster60Minutemen Pepco SFSOH2014 M-AAA 07/07/2010Y
Roster60Mississauga Legends 60CN2014 M-AA 05/05/2011Y
Roster60Missouri FlashbacksMO2014 W-AAA 5 /23/2014Y
Roster60Mobley Gin Crystal PharmacyGA2013 M-M 1/31/2012Y
60Motown Stars Softball Team 60MI2014 M-M 05/31/2013N
Roster60Naturals 60AR2015 M-AAA 02/18/2014Y
Roster60NJ Metro HitmenNJ2014 M-M 2/17/2014Y
Roster60Nor eastersCT2015 W-AAA 02/12/2014Y
60Nordonia KnightsOH2015 M-AAA  N
Roster60Northern Virginia ForceVA2014 M-AAA 04/25/2013Y
Roster60Ohio CardinalsOH2014 W-M  Y
Roster60Ohio SilveradosOH2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster60Oops Senior Softball Team of HoustonTX2015 M-AAA 01/20/2014Y
Roster60PNut BattersKS2015 W-AAA  Y
60PromotionNJ2015 M-M  N
Roster60Pronio Sports 60OH2014 M-AAA 03/17/2014Y
Roster60Randy SmithLA2015 M-AAA 10/03/2013Y
Roster60RANEWGA2015 M-AAA  Y
60Reality Check NC2014 M-AAA 07/07/2014N
Roster60Reality Check 60sNC2014 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster60Riverside LongshotsMD2014 M-AA 6/23/2014Y
Roster60Roadhouse Blues Franchelli EnterprisePA2014 M-AAA 03/17/2011Y
Roster60Romans IIMD2013 M-M 04/11/2013Y
Roster60South Florida HeatFL2014 M-M 5/22/2014Y
Roster60Southern StarsTN2014 W-AAA 01/18/2013Y
Roster60StrykersAL2015 M-AAA 9/24/2014Y
Roster60Strykers IIAL2013 M-AA 04/03/2013Y
Roster60Strykers IIIAL2013 M-AA 08/13/2013Y
Roster60Sunny BeachesFL2015 W-M  Y
Roster60Superior Senior SoftballVA2015 M-MP 0/12/2013Y
Roster60Syracuse MerchantsNY2015 M-AAA 06/02/2011Y
Roster60TAG TeamGA2015 M-AAA 06/14/2013Y
Roster60Teams Combat Joe Browns All StarAZ2013 M-MP 05/09/2013Y
Roster60Tennessee 60sTN2014 M-AA 8/22/2014Y
Roster60Texas HeatTX2013 M-M 02/18/2013Y
Roster60Texas ThunderTX2014 M-AAA  Y
60Texoma MB FliingTX2015 M-AAA 01/12/2015N
Roster60The Bomb Squad 60MI2014 M-AAA 12/17/2013Y
Roster60Tri CitiesTN2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster60Universal Softball 60OH2014 M-AAA 03/12/2014Y
Roster60Village DiamondsFL2014 W-AAA 03/14/2014Y
Roster60Virginia VipersVA2013 M-M 02/07/2013Y
60Wholesale Builders SupplyPA2014 M-M 01/02/2014N
Roster60Windsor Chiefs 60sCN2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster60ZeppelinKY2015 M-AAA 12/04/2012Y
Roster654 13GA2014 M-M 10/02/2013Y
Roster65Ancient MarinersVA2014 M-AA 05/10/2012Y
Roster65Bale Chevrolet IIAR2013 M-M 06/17/2013Y
Roster65Beef Obradys 65sFL2014 M-MP 5/13/2014Y
Roster65Blue Chicks 65DE2014 W-M 9/23/2014Y
Roster65Boyd MetalsAR2015 M-M  Y
Roster65Bradford White 65'sPA2014 M-AAA 03/21/2014Y
Roster65Brantford Nissan Seniors 65CN2014 M-AAA 04/23/2013Y
Roster65Carriage HomesAR2014 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster65Cen Tex 65sTX2014 M-M 4/25/2014Y
Roster65Charlotte Senior SportsNC2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster65Chattanooga ChoozTN2015 M-AAA 09/25/2014Y
Roster65Chicago Hitmen 65IL2014 M-AAA 10/9/2014Y
Roster65Chicago StrikersIL2015 M-AA 8/7/2014Y
Roster65Crestpoint Tri CitiesTN2014 M-AAA 06/24/2014Y
Roster65Custom GraphicsGA2014 M-AAA 07/26/2011Y
Roster65Dallas Spurs IIITX2013 M-AA  Y
Roster65Dayton Legends 65sOH2014 M-AA 05/27/2011Y
Roster65Doc MartensMI2014 M-AAA 01/02/2012Y
Roster65Dream CatchersCA2014 W-M 03/07/2014Y
Roster65Extreme HeatGA2015 M-AAA 03/23/2013Y
Roster65Flip Dow Bonding 65sNC2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster65Florida Beach BoyzFL2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster65Florida Thunder 2FL2013 M-M 12/12/2012Y
Roster65Fun Bunch 65MO2015 W-M  Y
Roster65Golden GalsFL2015 W-M 3/14/2014Y
Roster65Golden Girls 65VA2015 W-M  Y
Roster65Greypower of CanadaCN2015 W-M 2/18/2014Y
Roster65Hamel Builders Superior Senior SoftballVA2015 M-MP 02/27/2013Y
Roster65Hawks Nest 65sPA2014 M-M 02/19/2013Y
Roster65High Street Bucs 65MD2014 M-M 3/21/2014Y
Roster65Hill ContractingTX2014 M-AAA 12/04/2012Y
Roster65Huffman ElectricGA2015 M-M 8/1/2014Y
Roster65Indiana Legends ColumbusIN2014 M-AA 2/28/2012Y
Roster65Jersey Masters 65sNJ2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster65Jim & Joes 65sKY2014 M-AAA 8/28/2014Y
Roster65Jim & Joes IceKY2015 M-AAA 8/14/2014Y
Roster65Jolico Seniors 65sMI2015 W-M  Y
Roster65Kaiser PermanenteOH2013 M-M 12/04/2012Y
Roster65Kansas City FireMO2014 M-AAA 2/13/2014Y
Roster65Kentuckiana 65sIN2015 M-AA 07/29/2010Y
Roster65KRTFL2013 M-M 9/9/2014Y
Roster65KRT FinancialFL2014 M-M 7/28/2014Y
Roster65KY FilliesKY2013 W-M 01/01/2014Y
Roster65Life Guard FinancialOH2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster65Louisiana LegendsLA2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster65M & VKS2013 M-AA 07/01/2009Y
Roster65Magic City Sports CardsOH2014 M-AAA 6/19/2014Y
Roster65Memphis VeteransTN2014 M-AA 04/10/2012Y
65Michigan ExpressMI2014 M-M 04/22/2014N
Roster65Michigan LakersMI2014 M-AAA 7/31/2014Y
Roster65Mid State SeniorsIL2014 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster65Midwest ExpressNE2014 M-AAA 03/04/2010Y
Roster65Minnesota LumberjacksMN2014 M-AA 05/11/2012Y
Roster65Mississauga LegendsCN2014 M-AA 04/11/2012Y
Roster65Murphys LawFL2014 M-M 5/6/2014Y
Roster65Northeast Ohio SeniorsOH2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster65OkiesOK2014 M-AA 06/27/2014Y
Roster65Patrick Henry VA NC SeniorsVA2015 M-AA 08/07/2012Y
Roster65Pronio SportsOH2013 M-AA 06/19/2013Y
Roster65Relentless 65sTX2014 M-AAA 03/06/2014Y
65Ridges Test TeamOK2015 M-MP  N
Roster65Riverside Longshots 65MD2014 M-AAA 04/04/2014Y
Roster65Rochester ClassicsNY2014 M-AAA 03/17/2011Y
Roster65Rochester RoyalsNY2015 M-AA 3/25/2014Y
Roster65ROSE ENTERPRISESFL2014 M-MP 05/31/2013Y
Roster65Rush TruckingMI2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster65Saints ExpressCA2014 W-M  Y
Roster65San Antonio LegendsTX2015 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster65Scrap Iron 3N2CO2014 M-M 11/29/2013Y
Roster65Scrap Iron TIGICO2014 M-AAA 05/22/2014Y
65Senior Star LivingOK2014 M-AA 3/24/2009N
Roster65Smoky Mountain StarsTN2014 W-AAA 03/25/2013Y
Roster65Spicer PropertiesMD2014 M-AAA 01/14/2014Y
Roster65Sports LetteringTN2014 M-AAA 02/25/2010Y
Roster65STAHL POST 30DE2014 M-AAA 04/22/2014Y
Roster65SW Florida ThunderFL2014 M-MP 10/9/2014Y
Roster65Sylvania 65 IIOH2013 M-AA 06/02/2011Y
Roster65Sylvania 65sOH2014 M-AAA 5/2/2014Y
Roster65Team ABC 65sTN2014 M-AA 8/7/2014Y
Roster65Tennessee RVTN2014 M-AA 8/11/2014Y
Roster65Texas EaglesTX2014 M-AA 8/18/2014Y
Roster65Texas Legends 65sTX2015 M-AAA 03/25/2013Y
Roster65Texas RattlersTX2014 M-AA 11/19/2014Y
Roster65Tharaldson 65NV2014 M-M 1/27/2012Y
Roster65The FirmTN2015 M-AAA 9/23/2014Y
Roster65TideWater 65sVA2014 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster65US Jobs Indy 65IN2014 M-AAA 12/30/2014Y
Roster65USA PatriotsOK2015 M-AAA 08/03/2010Y
Roster65Wright State Ortho Sports Med and Rehab IIOH2014 M-AA 06/28/2013Y
Roster70Ancient Mariners 70VA2014 M-AAA 02/24/2014Y
Roster70Bailey Talent CavaliersVA2014 M-AAA 12/21/2012Y
Roster70BC Swingers 70CN2013 W-M 03/29/2010Y
70BeelineOK2014 M-AAA 06/10/2011N
Roster70Blue Chicks 70sDE2015 W-M 5 /7 /2014Y
Roster70Brantford Nissan Seniors 70CN2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster70Brennans Akron 70sOH2014 M-AAA 12/27/2013Y
Roster70Brookhouse RestaurantNY2014 M-AAA 05/05/2011Y
Roster70Brooks & Crim SoftballAL2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster70Burlington ClassicsNC2013 M-AA 6/04/2009Y
Roster70California Spirit 70CA2014 W-M 6/20/2014Y
Roster70Central 70sIA2013 M-AA 08/14/2013Y
Roster70Central Ohio Cossa SrOH2015 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster70Central States SeniorsIL2013 M-AA 08/14/2013Y
Roster70Chattanooga Chargers 70TN2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster70Chicago Gray SoxIL2014 M-AAA 10/9/2014Y
Roster70ClassicsKY2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster70Columbus Old BonesGA2014 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
70Columbus Silver SticksIN2015 M-AAA 12/29/2014
Roster70Crims Border States SoftballAL2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster70Dayton Legends 70sOH2014 M-AA 05/05/2012Y
Roster70Dorchester Canadians 70CN2014 M-AAA 12/02/2013Y
Roster70Eds Aluminum BuildingsFL2013 M-MP 07/01/2009Y
Roster70Frankie Brin FinancialFL2014 M-M 5/13/2014Y
Roster70Frickers Sports Bar Sylvania 70OH2014 M-AA  Y
Roster70Georgia NuggetsGA2015 M-AAA 1/31/2012Y
Roster70Golden Gals 70FL2015 W-M 3/14/2014Y
Roster70Golden GirlsVA2015 W-AAA  Y
70Green Diamond GrilleOH2014 M-AA 05/12/2014N
Roster70Hamel BuildersMD2014 M-AAA 08/22/2013Y
Roster70Hill Contracting 70TX2014 M-AAA 2/28/2014Y
Roster70Indianapolis ClassicsIN2014 M-AA 2/25/2014Y
Roster70Jersey Masters 70NJ2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster70Job Central 70IN2014 M-AAA 3/24/2014Y
Roster70Leidens LegendsGA2014 M-AA 8/4/2014Y
Roster70Michiana MerchantsMI2015 M-AAA 02/13/2012Y
Roster70Michigan KnightsMI2013 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster70Michigan SpiritIN2013 M-AA 04/11/2013Y
Roster70Mich-Indy 70s IIIIN2013 M-AA 01/31/2013Y
Roster70Mid America PatriotsMO2013 M-AA 6/04/2009Y
Roster70Mid State SeniorsIL2014 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
Roster70Midwest Express 70sIA2014 M-AAA 01/17/2014Y
Roster70Mikes RaidersOH2013 M-M 11/29/2013Y
Roster70Minnesota Masters 70MN2014 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster70Mississauga Legends LXXCN2014 M-AA 6/04/2009Y
Roster70MoKanDoMO2014 M-AAA 03/02/2010Y
Roster70Monkey Joes Big Nut CoNJ2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster70NW Mountain MamasWV2014 W-AAA  Y
Roster70Ohio Tri StarsOH2015 W-M  Y
Roster70Oklahoma City RelicsOK2015 M-AA 7/5/2013Y
Roster70Olde Ds 70sMI2015 M-AAA 12/18/2014Y
Roster70Panhandle HitmenFL2015 M-M 08/04/2011Y
Roster70Pittsburgh GoldPA2014 M-AAA 02/19/2013Y
Roster70Quad City Old StarsIA2014 M-AAA 06/07/2012Y
Roster70Scrap Iron 70 LegacyCO2015 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster70Segura FarmsLA2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster70Senior MomentsFL2015 M-AAA 07/11/2013Y
Roster70Senior RedbirdsIL2014 M-AAA 04/16/2012Y
Roster70Smith FireOK2013 M-AA 5/7/2013Y
Roster70Southeast Left OversGA2014 M-M 06/19/2014Y
Roster70Sportaculars 70CN2014 W-M  Y
Roster70Sports LetteringTN2014 M-AAA 02/25/2010Y
Roster70StillTX2014 M-AAA 03/18/2014Y
70Streamline CircuitsCA2013 M-M 02/28/2013N
Roster70Texas Classics 70sTX2014 M-AAA 07/23/2013Y
Roster70Texas Greyhounds 70sTX2014 M-AAA 04/16/2012Y
Roster70Texas Legends 70TX2015 M-AAA 01/20/2014Y
Roster70The CrackerboxAR2014 M-AAA 5/14/2014Y
Roster70ThunderGA2015 M-M  Y
Roster70Tulsa F&M BankOK2014 M-AA 02/25/2010Y
Roster70Virginia CrackerjacksVA2014 M-AA 3/24/2009Y
Roster75Agility Physical therapy/Josephs ChevFL2013 M-M  Y
Roster75Akron 75sOH2014 M-AAA 05/12/2014Y
Roster75Akron Brennans OH2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster75Alamo City Travelers 75TX2015 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
Roster75Antiques 75sKS2014 M-AAA 08/12/2010Y
Roster75Back Office AssociatesMA2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster75Beckler Carpets LegendsGA2013 M-M 08/16/2013Y
Roster75BuzzardsIA2015 M-AAA 10/27/2014Y
Roster75Canterbury CruisersMI2014 M-AAA 11/19/2014Y
Roster75Carolina Blue SkysNC2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster75Chicago Geezer 75sIL2015 M-M 10/9/2014Y
Roster75COSSA 75sOH2014 M-AAA 06/23/2012Y
Roster75Ed s Aluminum Buildings 75FL2015 M-M 10/02/2013Y
Roster75Freedom Spirit 75FL2014 W-M 03/18/2013Y
Roster75Georgia ClassicsGA2015 M-AAA 04/11/2012Y
Roster75Golden Girls 75sVA2014 W-AAA 0 /30/4201Y
Roster75Hamel Builders 75sMD2014 M-M 02/25/2013Y
Roster75Harris AuctionAR2014 M-AAA 03/03/2014Y
Roster75Hill Contracting 75sTX2015 M-AAA 02/21/2014Y
Roster75Indiana Silver FoxesIN2015 M-AAA  Y
Roster75Indy CrownsIN2014 M-AAA 05/21/2012Y
Roster75Jersey JaguarsNJ2014 M-AAA 3/24/2009Y
Roster75Jimmys Minnesota GoldMN2014 M-M 07/14/2014Y
Roster75Louisana SrsLA2014 M-AAA 1/31/2012Y
Roster75Louisville Thunder 75KY2014 M-AAA 06/02/2011Y
Roster75Maryland BaysoxMD2014 M-AAA 1/31/2012Y
Roster75Michigan LakersMI2014 M-AAA 7/31/2014Y
Roster75Nami ConstructionNJ2014 M-AAA 04/24/2012Y
Roster75New York StatesmenNY2015 M-AAA 3/24/2009Y
Roster75OldeD'sMI2015 M-AAA 01/31/2012Y
Roster75Peach Tree RestaurantPA2014 M-AAA 05/06/2010Y
Roster75Pensacola RiptideFL2014 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
Roster75Pepco Electric COOH2013 M-M 12/02/2013Y
Roster75Pfeiffer AutoMI2015 M-AAA 01/21/2012Y
Roster75Platinum GemsFL2014 W-M 8/4/2014Y
Roster75ProHealth CareWI2015 M-AAA 7/07/2014Y
Roster75Richmond ClassicsVA2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster75Southeast Left OversGA2015 M-M 03/05/2014Y
Roster75Southern Left OversGA2015 M-M 08/04/2014Y
Roster75State LegendsGA2014 M-M 10/02/2013Y
Roster75Tennessee Senior Stars 75TN2015 W-AAA 01/06/2014Y
Roster75Texas GreyhoundsTX2013 M-M 08/27/2012Y
Roster75Texas Greyhounds #2 75sTX2013 M-M 04/11/2013Y
Roster75ThoroughbredsAL2015 W-AAA 01/24/2014Y
75Tulsa 75OK2014 M-AAA 03/27/2014N
80Buckeye 80sOH2014 M-AAA 05/12/2014N
Roster80COSSAOH2014 M-AAA 07/22/2014Y
Roster80Florida Investment PropertiesFL2013 M-M  Y
Roster80Hamel Builders 80sMD2014 M-AAA 01/14/2014Y
80Indiana Silver FoxesIN2015 M-AAA  N
Roster80Jimmys Minnesota Legends 80'sMN2014 M-AAA  Y
Roster80ProHealth Care 80WI2015 M-AAA 07/07/2014Y
Roster80Road RunnersOK2014 M-AAA 05/09/2012Y
Roster80Southwest StarsTX2014 M-AAA 02/18/2013Y
Roster80Texas Classics 80sTX2015 M-AAA 03/12/2013Y
          No Roster Selected or Roster Not Available for this Team

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