About Us

Softball Players Association is a National organization promoting and sponsoring Senior Softball everywhere.

It is the mission of the Softball Players Association to provide continuing opportunities for people of all ages to play the game of softball in an environment where playing rules, tournament organization, and playing conduct are all appropriate to the player’s age, and the desires of the players merit the greatest consideration.
S.P.A. History
The Softball Players Association (S.P.A.) was established in 1992, in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Herb and Yvonne Oliver. At that time, there were only two Senior Softball organizations in America. The sport was growing, and was in desperate need of additional resources. The opportunities for teams to play on a regional and national level needed to be expanded. S.P.A. was an organization driven by players and managers who were looking for new and exciting ways to play the game. One of the S.P.A. goals was to maintain the honesty and integrity of the game. The S.P.A. also wanted to give the teams the opportunity to play closer to home. Therefore, consideration was given to geographically rotating of its’ National Championships.